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23rd September 2007

What will your Funeral be like?
by rashock
You will die by:Mysterious unsolved murder. The killer was never found and neither was your body. Your casket is empty and you family mourns till this day in hopes that you are still alive or died a swift death.
Death Date:October 17, 2042
Number attending your funeral?99
How much will you leave to friends and family?$1,812,509

24th August 2007

4:21am: Things to get by Summer 08'
New Puppy(Mini)

New Car

New Apt(very optional)

New Ring from New Boyfriend

Negative 30lbs

Life throws you blows you'd never expect and now i gotta start over. Knowing Tomorrow will be a brighter day keeps me getting out of bed in the morning.

Current Mood: anxious

28th May 2007

7:02pm: Things to get done by the End of Summer
1)Get a Drivers Lisc.

2)Get a new job for a few months.

3)Get a new state I.D.

4)Get a new passport.

5)Make/save upwards of 3thousand by the end of summer.

6)Don't gain more than 20-30lbs of baby weight.

7)etc...more to be added later

4th May 2007

2:17am: i had soda today.

i feel so sick and so sad.

im trying to get into eating more
because my bf and i are taking 2weeks to ourself

and he's really worried that i don't eat
and asks me all the time if I'm sick

25th February 2007

4:07pm: Muscular ThinCollapse )

13th October 2006

8:57pm: So i decided to start a new liveJournal to basically chronicle my new lifestyle
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